Weeeeell... So I moved to a new host, and chose not to import my old stuff.  What did I have, three or four blog entries that no one has ever read?  Something like that.  To be honest I'm not sure why I keep paying for this domain name, but I have.

I really don't have much to say these days.  My life is extraordinarily routine, and the thoughts I have that I'd rant about I'd rather not subject the people I know to anymore.  So I save that for an anonymous social media account to annoy the shit out of perfect strangers with, but even then I find myself at a loss for something meaningful to contribute.  I tried live broadcasting for a while, but found I had nothing much of interest to broadcast and no one to broadcast to.  I never used to see much point in Twitter, but I have to admit it's kind of fun shouting into the void.  Sometimes random people echo back.  Sometimes those random people are celebrities.  That's always fun. 

I mean, come on now, I know it's all pretty sad.  I have become the epitome of the crazy cat lady, whose only real friends are short and furry.  The longer I'm isolated the more I like it, which is a little scary when I stop and think about it.  I've finally gotten into nesting, because my preference these days would be to just never leave my house which is a bizarre concept to me to start with considering that house used to feel like a prison.  Now it's my little sanctuary where if you annoy me, I can order you off mah damn lawn.  I fully embrace my curmudgeonhood.

You could come on by one weekend if you felt like helping me paint a room a half-shade different just because it was aggravating me like a 5 day old splinter, but be forewarned I behave these days like an unattended SIM... ignoring my basic needs while tirelessly engrossed by whatever task popped up in my task list and the world outside races past at warp speed, hoping the next 20 years goes by even faster than the last so I can retire in five minutes.

Now go... get off mah damn lawn!